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Creative team building

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Graphic Facilitation

The Science: Heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? It’s true. Visuals help people remember and comprehend difficult concepts much more easily than words alone. Studies show it’s 370% easier!

Build powerful communication skills with visual & graphic facilitation training

At Visual Funk, we specialise in graphic facilitation and visual communication that helps bring your ideas, strategy and workshops to life. From teaching you to visualise your ideas or  having an artist work closely with you to illustrate and bring your concepts to life  our graphic facilitation aims to deliver your message in a way that is highly engaging and thought provoking and that engages everyone in the room.

The use of graphic facilitation ensures seamless compatibility with all personality types and communication styles. Visual Funk’s visual facilitation workshops can help you and your team capitalise on ingenious ideas , open up new channels of communication and explore new horizons.

ISG forum graphic facilitator workshops

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Visual facilitation training makes communication simple

Thriving off innovation and creativity, our graphic facilitation workshops hone in on your communication skills by utilising visual elements to convey your key messages. When you can ‘see’ what someone is talking about, problems are easier to solve. Your strategy becomes clear. Connections are easy to make.

Graphic facilitation ensures communication becomes simple. Or, it makes things easier to understand and remember. Instead of taking scribbled notes away from a session, everyone can have a powerful visual that provides a strong anchor for keeping the information alive.

Available Australia-wide, invest in visual and graphic facilitation training from Visual Funk for maximum communication effectiveness. Make sure you check out our team building art activities options too.

To learn more about any of our creative team building exercisescontact us on 1300 227 215 now!

Want to create great visuals & bring your presentations to life? Work closely with our graphic facilitators!

It doesn’t matter what your perceived level of skill, our graphic facilitators can give you all the tips and skills to fine-tune your presentations and workshops.

Drawing is a skill that can be learnt and we can give you the skills and confidence necessary to bring your presentations to life.

With a background in both the arts and corporate visual facilitation, teaching drawing comes to our team of graphic facilitators pretty naturally. From team building through art to visual facilitation, we do it all!

Why wait? We can teach you – request a quote for our graphic facilitator workshops and get started today!

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